3D Audio

Welcome to the section dedicated to 3D audio. Here you can listen to our audio demos with a brief description. You can download them or listen to them on the audio player.

Listen up! To fully appreciate the 3D audio experience, we recommend you use a pair of quality headphones, close your eyes, relax … and immerse yourself in the magic of three dimensional sound.

The sounds will envelop you naturally as you are quickly whisked away to a space that is outdoors, indoors, big, small, damp or dry.

In addition to three dimensional sound recordings of real spaces, we can also implement completely virtual 3D audio: a truly astonishing experience!

Immagine something like this, inside a video recording or your own customized 3D logo animation. With our equipment, our Ambisonics recording facilities and our dedicated software we are able to acquire and modify sound spherically.

We invite you to take a look at the video (available soon) that explains the evolution of sound (Mono > Stereo > Surround > Audio 3D) as clearly as possible, and how generations of sound designers and engineers have cleverly managed these incredible innovations and technical revolutions over time.

The transition from MONO to STEREO was epoch-making, equalled only by the introduction of the auditory spatialization that came about with Surround, an innovation that opened up new worlds and possibilities for sound.

We are now going through a new revolution: the era of 3D audio. A totally immersive and three dimensional sound whose incredible realism is particularly suited to different areas of experience like (to name a few) detailed environmental recording, Virtual Reality and 360° interactive content  such as that of YouTube 360 or Facebook 360. 3D audio is also included in our sound design services.

Put your headphones on, close your eyes and immerse yourself in a new auditory panorama.

Imagine you are in an open space, a wood, and the earth is covered with snow… someone is making their way around you…

Vocal experiment in a virtual three dimensional space

Immerse yourself in a real, spherical and ambisonic recording of urban surroundings in Milan.

A stroll through a virtual 3D forest.