With the growth in popularity of platforms like Audible in Italy, where the market has at last come to terms with the times, audiobook production is now seen by many publishing houses as a necessary step along the road to digital transformation. People are becoming increasingly hard to please, demonstrating an ever keener interest for this no-longer-so-new form of entertainment and turning their noses up at anything that smacks of the amateur.

While travelling, cooking, relaxing or whatever, users can listen to their favourite audiobook, steadily becoming more familiar with a world of multi-tasking where time is optimized.

Every day new titles come onto the market and, much to users’ delight, competition is fierce. Publishing houses making medium to long term investments in this sector are at the centre of a world that is expanding with growing confidence.

With its team of acclaimed pool of voice talents and dubbing directors, SpeakeraggioMilano produces top quality audiobooks. Voice artists are selected carefully for their ability to read, interpret and tell your story in a digital format.

The sound guy carefully tailors each speaker’s voice for every project and once the recording is over, it goes into post production where sound and music can be added.

To ensure no errors have been made during recording, each project is listened to attentively a second time.

Choosing our audio production agency for your audiobook creation means you will benefit from an excellent pool of Milan-based speakers and a level of audio production expertise that has few rivals in the city.

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