Our Clients

SoundMilan has worked with numerous high profile clients.

We work for important companies, theatres and museum foundations, universities, hospitals, the tourist sector, hotel chains and many others besides.

We also provide support to many agencies operating in advertising and communications, assisting them with work on important brands dealing with insurance and telecommunications, and multinationals in the consumer and food sectors.

Creativity is behind the drive for high profile, international products, and we have established ourselves as a dependable partner in this process: punctual, attentive to the smallest detail and quality throughout.

You will find here a list of companies operating in different sectors which have chosen DB5 Studio and its audio branch – SoundMilan – to accompany them in their drive for high impact, quality projects.


Our creative team follows the Client carefully throughout all phases of the project: from the creative and technical discussions at the beginning, the resources to be employed, to the planning and timing of final delivery. Everything is geared to ensure client satisfaction.


Clients choose our audio production agency because we leave no stone unturned, we are competent and we are creative.


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We have worked for: