A well made commercial sets you up with your public and really helps you sell more.

We make commercials for all types of media: Web, TV and Radio.

The Web is attracting more advertising resouces than ever before and that’s why web-oriented audio material must be treated on a par with TV products. From the choice of voice talent to the editing, the mix and accompanying sound, we leave nothing to chance.

Our work philosophy is centred upon completing projects together. We follow you from start to finish, providing help and advice to guarantee the best possible result. This means choosing the right voice talent for the job (we also have plenty of voices outside of our official catalogue) and creating the right mood!

Our professional team of sound engineers, voice talents and dubbing supervisors gets results every time, and we only start relaxing when we get the right ‘take’! We speak your language. We want only the very best for you.

Ever had a perfect text in Word only to discover that it doesn’t fit when voiced? When required we can also edit and write copy for the advertising sector, shaping your text to the task in hand and ensuring it can be voiced successfully.

Sound is crucial to the success of any media project. That’s why we take care to ensure our clients get the right music, even custom designed. We can dissect, adapt and reformulate any kind of music, tailoring it to your project requirements; or, with the help of our own musicians, we can provide a bespoke sound service.

Music can literally change the language and meaning of your video and your message.

Not only music: sound effects are also essential in commercials if your message is to get across successfully. So if you’re looking for some special sound for your project, check out the dedicated section.

Of course, if you wish to hang out in the studio while we’re working, you’re more than welcome: that way you can keep tabs on your project in progress! Alternatively, you can sit back in your own home or office and we’ll have the audio relayed to you in high quality streaming, and it’ll be exactly as if you were here listening with us in the studio.

Whatever happens you will always be in total control of your project, even if you’re miles away from the studio in Milan.

Feel free to contact us for a quote by using the button below.

Remote listening: You will be able to interact with the recording session straight from your office