Direct recording

Any video production – be it a pilot episode, a corporate project, a commercial, a TV/Web series or a film – requires a sound technician for live recording.

Choosing the wrong technician can have disastrous consequences for your production. In the best case scenario you may have to spend extra money on re-doing scenes or touching up the audio. Here at DB5 we guarantee you the highly qualified sound experts and all the right equipment.

Our staff provide professional support during the production phase, ensuring that audio is ‘captured’ correctly in even the most difficult ambients.

Our sound technicians know what problems may arise during the post production phase and ensure that the recorded product is fully ready to undergo audio editing when necessary. A high quality end product is the result.

Working with us you will have one person as a referent for the live audio take and audio editing.

Apart from the sound technician, we can also provide you with all the necessary specialised equipment: microphones, booms, lavaliers, recorders and much more.

Whether it be commercials, documentaries or films, we always dedicate particular attention to microphones, choosing them in accordance with the ambient.

We only employ select and fully qualified personnel to work with us on these projects.

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