Dubbing is something Italians are justly renowned for, both from a technical viewpoint and in terms of the sheer quality and variety of dubbers and dubbing directors. Our Milan-based studio prides itself on making commercials for TV, radio and the Web.

If it’s simil-sync or lip-sync you’re after you’ll need a recording studio in Milan that can help you with the dubbing, one or more gifted voice talents and a sound engineer who is able to run the entire show in all its complexity.

Jobs of this kind are co-ordinated by our Dubbing Directors, who have just the right kind of experience and sensitivity to govern such projects.

Pitching your service or product globally requires the right people and skills if it is to be accomplished properly.

If your project is a film, a video or short film for the Web, a commercial to localise, a documentary or a videogame, we can manage everything.

Our system of inter-connected screens allows the audio-director to follow the recording in real time and provide our speakers with all the necessary indications by speaking directly in the headphones. This facilitates a highly complicated process that must necessarily be completed with the help of real professionals.

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Remote listening: You will be able to interact with the recording session straight from your office