Audio Editing

Audio editing consists of a range of services involving the modification and improvement of sound to make it more engaging. It is normally associated with our audio services.

Audio editing is a universe unto itself and includes: editing, automation, video-synchronisation, removal or moderation of human sounds or noises, audio-video timing and mixing with other sounds and exportation in accordance with international scales.

Audio editing is an integral part of any work process, and mastering its finer points makes all the difference in professional broadcasting. The right software, experience and a keen ear are essential.

Have you already got a recorded audio file? Here we work on external files too: mixing, post-production and audio restoration. We can help you to complete your project, be it a film, a videogame or anything else. We have solutions for various types of projects, from video and musical inserts to the recovery of ruined or imperfect files, often the result of unprofessional recording conditions.

Send us your audio sample and we’ll see what we can do to improve it.

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