What follows is a selection of our male and female Italian voice talents.

You will see two tabs/labels: one ‘Man’ which opens by default, and another ‘Woman’. Press the Woman tab/label to see the list of female voice talents.

Each voice talent comes with a number of demos. Press ‘Play’ to the left of the soundwave and listen to the selection of audio demos. Usually these are: ad, institutional and character.

The voices in the demos have not been ‘treated’ or edited in any way: this allows you to appreciate the natural voice of the speaker. All voice recordings can be personalised or edited during the post production phase.

We should like to remind you that we also have access to a wide variety of professional voice talents who are not in our official catalogue: don’t hesitate to contact us for specialised casting info and voice talent availability in our Milan studios.

If you need more information about our Italian Voice Talents,  click “Add to/Remove from quote”. The talent you have chosen will be stored in memory and at the bottom of the page you’ll see the banner: “The following speakers have been added to the quote.”

Continue your search on the page and add the voices you want. On finishing your selection, return to the banner below and click on the green button “Ask for a Quote”. You will be taken to the quotes page where your added speakers will be pre-selected.

Then complete the form with all the necessary details and press send. We will get back to you as soon as possible.