Podcasts have rapidly grown in popularity during the last years, and today we are experiencing their golden age.
There are still great opportunities. High quality content, advertising and proper execution are the key elements for a company that wants to create its own successful podcast.

Why choose podcasts?

Podcasts are the ideal instrument for creating an authentic connection with your listeners, something very different from the frenetic and chaotic “classic” social media. Podcasts can be defined as a proud evolution of blogs. Their strength? you can listen to them at any moment.

At DB5 Studio we firmly believe that each and everyone of us has a story that needs to be told. For this reason we offer to content creators -beginners and pros- the best support and solutions in order to let their voice out.

What can we do for you?

If you don’t know where to start from, you’re at the right place: your new podcast project will have all its step by step support from our team. We will set up a recording room for you and if you wish to use a different voice than yours, we will find you a suitable one among some of our best Voice Over artists. In order to make the conversation more interactive and more similar to a radio/tv we can also set up external links, making the podcast limitless.

Many podcasts are also video recorded and broadcast live. This service requires cameras, camera operators, lights, backgrounds ad make up. And we take care of all.

Our studios are not the only place for recording a podcast. If you prefer to record from your office or any other place, we can reach you and set up a recording room at that location.

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