Rental audio recording studio

Sound Milano offers you the rental service of our recording studio, complete with sound engineer and any dubbing directors, to support you in the realization of your projects. We are equipped with a soundproof hearing room, certified by the RINA Notified European Organization, which allows us to obtain speakerings with extremely clean and highly customizable sound even in post-production.

Thanks to our acoustic correction systems, excellent equipment and software with which we work every day, we deliver to the market products that are virtually unavailable for any home studio.

If you have a project to realize, in addition to cabin rental we can provide you with all the specialists you need! Alternatively, you can also rent only the recording studio, and entrust yourself to your collaborators like creative directors, copiers, translators, speakers, and directors.

We can cite practical cases such as the CEO who comes to record his voice and get involved in a communication project, “” a Voice Over for a previously made video, or a re-dubbing for a talk noisy or unsuccessful especially “or” advertising, or dubbing for a foreign agency.

Our studio is also equipped with a remote listening system in the highest quality, and you can listen to the LIVE recording session as if I were in the studio here. You will have up to 4 LIVE sessions at the same time, and you can listen to your mobile or computer recording to your customer! Whether you are in Milan, Rome, New York or Hong Kong!

In addition to renting, of course we can enrich your project with all the other services you can find within Speakeraggiomilano’s website.

Contact us for a quote, or just to go and find and study!

Remote listening: You will be able to interact with the recording session straight from your office