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SoundMilan offers a vast range of specialized audio services. As a Milan-based audio production agency we have carried out numerous audio projects for important companies over recent years.

We offer a full range of services for ad campaigns: complete packages that include editing, mixes and voice talent royalties management or, simply, voice recordings and dubbing services for TV serials and documentaries, and much more.

SoundMilan is the audio branch of DB5 Studio, so expect to find a fully qualified multidisciplinary team of creatives who can deal with any cross-media project. Speed and flexibility are defining characteristics of our workgroups.

Our sound engineers are equipped to deal with all aspects of your audio project, co-ordinating speakers and ensuring no mistakes are made during recording sessions and providing clients with live feedback.

Our sound engineers are specialized in editing audio, mixing and mastering. We can arrange for dubbing supervision at all levels.

Our team also includes live recording audio professionals, specialized in interviews, commercials, films, videos and corporate films.

We are Apple Logic certified, and we work well with even the most demanding of clients.

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