Sound Design

Through ‘Sound Design’ we manipulate and shape sound to obtain textures which go from the powerful to the subtle.

We create sound effects, ambient sounds/moods and musical patterns to give life to structures and stratified soundscapes that immerse the listener/spectator completely in different worlds.

Starting from the project of a single sound, we proceed to the realisation of complete sound landscapes. We create bespoke soundscapes to provide your films, shorts, commercials or audiobooks with that ‘something’ extra.

We create: immersive audio, 3D audio and spatial sound designs, audio for videogames and virtual/augmented reality.

This kind of production adds extra oomph to your project and endows it with huge added value.

We also work on sound projects for museums and art installations.

Our highly specialised engineers, coupled with our systematic attention to sound detail, will add emotional impact to your project and make it all the more compelling.

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