Voice Recording

Voice recording is a sophisticated process that requires high levels of competence, adequate recording facilities and experience. It is here that brands find their voice whatever the destination sector: online company courses, e-learning, audio-guides, audiobooks. Using the latest equipment and the best voices around, we guarantee the highest quality recordings!

Our sound engineers are the most attentive of listeners – a vital cog in the recording machinery. Add to this the premium audio facilities and you can see why clients keep coming back.

Our carefully constructed, top-of-the-range recording booth comes complete with impeccable acoustics. Find out more in the dedicated section.

Our watertight quality control virtually guarantees zero errors, even in the longest and most complex and jobs, thus saving time and costs.

We provide voiceover for IVR, Interactive Voice Response.
Our speakers can make IVR voiceover both in italian and other languages mother-tongue.
If your project involves recording for a voice mail or a telephone exchange, you’ll find the voice that best fits your needs.
Many big company relied on our service over time; we can also pick out endearing jingles or soundscapes.

On request we also guarantee absolute secrecy as far as your texts are concerned: they remain within our production ambient unless specifically requested and never leave the agency.

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Remote listening: You will be able to interact with the recording session straight from your office